Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Posting Guilt

Wow! I am highly gratified that this Jane Austen tribute blog has been picking up a little in traffic; but with the delight in the kind comments I've received in post comments and in my guestbook comes the inevitable guilt that I have been neglecting Austensorium terribly.

The upside of productive guilt is that it can snap you out of a rut and inspire you to dig deeper and explore further, and I am determined that that shall be the end result of this blog guilt.

So, one goal I hope to achieve shortly is excavating my notes that I made while suffering through the 1999 Mansfield Park back in 2005 -- all my snarky little comments on a movie I thought was pointless -- and writing up the in-depth review I promised myself I'd complete two years ago.

Plus, I am very excited to update my links to other Janeite sites I've been privileged to come across in the intervening two years.

So, thank you kind commenters and well-wishers. You've inspired me to jump back into Austen lore and admiration in a big way.

Henry Tilney and I both find you all very nice.


Ms. Place said...

Thank you so much for linking to my site. I have placed yours on my blog roll, and sincerely hope you'll keep on posting. Some of your earlier posts are wonderfully informative.

By the way, an "s" is missing in your link to my blog. So, alas, we are not connected.

Justine said...

Sorry -- that's been corrected!

Stephanie ORS said...

Hello fellow Janeite. Your blog is very enjoyable. I've stolen the links for the little Austen-related quizzes, I think I'm going to put them on the Oregon Regency site just for fun.

If you're inclined for a drive, we have some events coming up. One in Astoria in November (a Grand Winter Ball) and a Regency Party in Oregon City at the lovely Ainsworth House on August 24. You can click through to our site for details if you're interested. We're always looking to meet new Regency and Jane Austen fans to join us!

jafanficlover said...

Would love to see you posting more often. Your earlier stuff ws very insightful.

Lady Jane said...

I just commented on your previous post on the P&P movies, but I want to comment here too!

I also hope you will be posting more often! I love reading Jane Austen blogs. And, I am also from Washington (Spokane). An old family friend lives in Renton.

I am so excited to have found your blog (through Ms. Place's!). Have a lovely day!

Ms. Place said...

Please. Post again.

vermonster said...


Austensorium seeks literary additions. Would be especially interested in reviews of recent adaptations of Miss Austen's works of art currently being shown on Masterpiece Theater.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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