Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Charles T. Gets Austenfied!

Now that I have my very own Charles T. Chevy back, I'm going to decorate him according to my Janey-loving tastes. Thankfully, The Republic of Pemberley has provided a vast array of likely accessories in their Café Press Shop.

Here is the license plate frame that I've purchased:

My Other Car is a Barouche License Plate Frame

Jason said, "What's a 'barouche'?"
"Ha! Ha!" I replied, "If you know that not, well, then you know it not. It's a Jane Austen Insider's joke."
Of course, I then had mercy and shared that a barouche was the sports car of the carriage-era.

I also have this bumper sticker coming:

Janeite Bumper Sticker

Hopefully, Jane would not consider this display too vulgar. Were she only getting her share of the pewter, I think she would mind it not (and possibly be quite diverted by my want of sense, but, perhaps, gratified by my excessive sensibilities).

Happy driving for me!

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Whole Lot of Thrilling Jane Austen Quizzes

Visit this Jane Austen Trivia Quiz site and see if you are as baffled as I was by some of the questions.

I consider myself quite the Austen trivia buff, but the harder quizzes had me completely stumped. A good lesson in humility for your now-far-more-humble blogger.

Have fun!