Friday, May 18, 2007

Blog Posting Guilt

Wow! I am highly gratified that this Jane Austen tribute blog has been picking up a little in traffic; but with the delight in the kind comments I've received in post comments and in my guestbook comes the inevitable guilt that I have been neglecting Austensorium terribly.

The upside of productive guilt is that it can snap you out of a rut and inspire you to dig deeper and explore further, and I am determined that that shall be the end result of this blog guilt.

So, one goal I hope to achieve shortly is excavating my notes that I made while suffering through the 1999 Mansfield Park back in 2005 -- all my snarky little comments on a movie I thought was pointless -- and writing up the in-depth review I promised myself I'd complete two years ago.

Plus, I am very excited to update my links to other Janeite sites I've been privileged to come across in the intervening two years.

So, thank you kind commenters and well-wishers. You've inspired me to jump back into Austen lore and admiration in a big way.

Henry Tilney and I both find you all very nice.

Monday, April 09, 2007

A Truth Universally Acknowledged

From Cafe Press:

This is definitely a T-Shirt for me!