Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Charles T. Gets Austenfied!

Now that I have my very own Charles T. Chevy back, I'm going to decorate him according to my Janey-loving tastes. Thankfully, The Republic of Pemberley has provided a vast array of likely accessories in their Café Press Shop.

Here is the license plate frame that I've purchased:

My Other Car is a Barouche License Plate Frame

Jason said, "What's a 'barouche'?"
"Ha! Ha!" I replied, "If you know that not, well, then you know it not. It's a Jane Austen Insider's joke."
Of course, I then had mercy and shared that a barouche was the sports car of the carriage-era.

I also have this bumper sticker coming:

Janeite Bumper Sticker

Hopefully, Jane would not consider this display too vulgar. Were she only getting her share of the pewter, I think she would mind it not (and possibly be quite diverted by my want of sense, but, perhaps, gratified by my excessive sensibilities).

Happy driving for me!

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CrazyJo said...

Hope Charley doesn't feel like less of a man for it. ;D